✨Manga Collection ✨

Hello Everyone! These are the new books that I got for Christmas that are now part of my growing Manga collection.

After watching "Toilet -Bound", I had the need to collect the manga itself, even though watching the anime itself is pretty good I wanted to also experience a different level of emotions that I would receive from reading the chapters for myself.

The Second show I started watching was, of course, The way of the household husband, and I have to say I haven’t laughed as much as I did while watching the anime.

~ little bit of a spoiler please skip if you do not want to know this part ~

In the first episode it shows how a renounced mafia boss would live such a simple life, it is unforeseen as to what made him quit his tough life and step down from his position that made one of the ruthless gangs disband. Skip to now you see him at the grocery store debating which produces to buy as he had a cute apron on but even as he had changed his look some small-time cops try to prove that he is still up to no good.

Reading this has helped me alot. It helped me de-stress from my college classes and work-life once I was home. I do recommend this anime and manga for those who just want to watch a silly yet action-packed show that had you laughing and thinking about it for days

Manga Count (so far )9 Total (two were given away as gifts.)

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