✨Manga Collection ✨

I’m so happy that I am able to slowly grow my manga selection. Because today was more of a chill day I decided to splurge on myself a little bit and get some manga for myself; I also got one for my family member as a gift.

The one I am most excited about is "Pandora Hearts". Given the fact that the anime debut back in 2009, it was sadly discontinued after season 1. I continued to search for the manga because they were still well-received compared to the show itself. I walked around Barnes & Nobles a little longer than I anticipated and had been able to snag a copy of this book. The manga itself is so difficult to find, but I had luck on my side today. After hard work, I finally got Volume 1 of Pandora's hearts !!!!

The second manga I picked out was "Overlord". I was able to get Volume 1 of this as well and for a cheap price of $11.99. To me, that’s not so bad; I was glad my books weren't too expensive for me to get (I do wish they had deals for mangas, or if I could find a better manga shop). I do have to come clean about this (nervous sweats haha), I have only watched one and a half episodes of the manga and that was eons ago, but I sadly don’t remember any of it so I decided to try reading the manga before watching the show all over again.

The third book I got was for my relative. The book is ~ you guessed it ~ volume 1 of "A Silent Voice". Even though the movie is more well known (which was so good by the way, go check it out at your local Netflix site), this manga was something that I have been trying to get because it was one of the first movies we watched after we got the clear to be able to go outside. I can’t really say much about this because I don’t wanna spoil it for those who haven’t watched it, but it was such a touching and relatable movie. Even though I can’t directly relate to the characters it does hit close to home and it is a heartfelt movie. I recommend having some tissue paper nearby. It will be very much needed.

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