✨Manga Collection ✨

My First Ever Manga! I am so excited to have started my collection.✨

Entering this year, I decided to start my collection of manga books. This will include anime that I love and those discontinued as a show but continued as manga series. There are also so many new shows coming out in 2021-2022 that I am excited to check out and try to collect.

The manga that I decided to get was Volume 1 of Jujutsu Kaisen. Even though this is a new anime, it has quickly become popular alongside Demon Slayer and My Hero Academia. As time goes on I hope to be able to grow the collection of my favorite books whether it be hardcover or regular cover. The place where I buy my manga is of course nonother than Barnes & Noble, in my area that is the only place where I can get any sort of manga.

I know that this anime is popular right now especially with the upcoming movie about Volume 0, which I am excited about and I hope that it comes to the US soon enough along with it being a worldwide screening. This anime itself isn't for those of the faint heart.

~ Small Description ~


Jujutsu Kaisen ("Sorcery Fight" in English) could be a ghastliness dream fight series. Delivered by Japanese movement studio MAPPA and coordinated by Sunghoo Park, it depends on the manga of an analogous name by author and craftsman Gege Akutami, initially distributed within the Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine by Shueisha.

Albeit the explanation of Jujutsu Kaisen sounds too peculiar ever to be treated profoundly, I used to be shocked at how pleasant a read this manga volume was. As I said toward the start of this survey, the anime didn't snatch me by any means during its first episode. I do not know the number of this is often an appointment inclination, yet it appeared that the manga cut out the puff and got right to the middle story components. this can be significant within the main volume of a story because the crucial point is to guide the peruser into the record to be put resources into what's to come back.

The craftsmanship during this manga suits its tone impeccably. Jujutsu Kaisen is your standard Shōnen activity series that features lots of noticeably positioned humor. Therefore, it's typical for specific outlines to be loaded with many-sided subtleties during an activity scene. Interestingly, the degree of detail decreases during a little of the more laid-back and comedic minutes. within the middle of sections, creator Gege Akutami adds loads of fun thoughtfulness about the inventive approach. While additionally giving us some fun (and dark) insights regarding the characters. Seemingly insignificant details like this make the manga significantly more worth perusing. A few boards got confounding to inform who was talking, as an example, when an individual was saying something while not being shown within the conversation. this means you would like to relinquish additional nearby consideration to the string of discussions.

Now and again, the creator makes it more straightforward by drawing a chibi face of the person inside the pocket, however here, no characters are shown. Be that because it may, notwithstanding a pair of seconds of disarray, this was a yet pleasing understanding encounter.

What was your first-ever manga? Do you collect any manga books? How many books are in your collections?

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