Crochet as a beginner

First Crochet Project ( beanie)

Crochet as an absolute beginner : What I have learned so far

Hello everyone! I know it’s been a while, recently I have been focused on my classes for this semester and trying to get my personal things in order. Even with all that, I decided to learn something new and crochet. I’ve posted about this before, but I have a lot to learn because I am an absolute beginner. I recently taught myself to do beanies I love; I know they aren’t the best, but it’s something right.
Since I learned how to make beanies, I have decided to sell some. I haven’t worked out the pricing range yet, but I can start out small and work myself up.

At the beginning of this, it was tough for me to grasp how to hold the needles, turn the hand, or perfect my slip stitch. As time went on, I tried my best to learn little by little; I started to watch youtube channels on how to crochet for absolute beginners; I know that there are a lot of people out there that would tell you, oh, I learned by a book or by seeing this on youtube but I all honesty anyway you know it takes a lot of practice and patience; there were times where I would get frustrated with my stitches or when the yarn itself would tangle up it was the most painful experience. (I’m exaggerating here )

Three months have passed since then, and I have a lot I need to learn but the more I think about it gives me the push myself to learn new things. There were times when I thought I was just wasting my time, but in the end, it helped me relax and just zone in. I also decided to push myself and do my first big project; I will be making a tote bag. So far, the granny stitch is not for me. The frustration I had with learning to follow along was too much for me.

( Finished another beanie while watching Naruto)

PROS: RELAXING -once you get the hang of it. SUPER CUTE ITEMS – From hats to clothing. LESS MISTAKES-If you mess up, it is easy to cover the mistakes. DYE YOUR ITEMS– There are ways you can change the color of the items you make if you choose to. STITCHES– Some of the loops are easier to learn than others. ADDING LENGTH – If you have a thing that you think is short, you can always return more yarn to it.

CONS: Blockage – Yes, there are times when you lose your motivation to make something. Harder to Find Live Help When You Need It. LOTS OF YARN – Some items need a lot of yarn, yes, even minor things. CROCHET VS KNITTING – Many people think knitting and crochet are the same; even though most steps look the same, they are entirely different. It never ceases to amaze me when I walk into a yarn shop for assistance on a crochet project, and the employee there doesn’t know even the crochet fundamentals.

Even with the list, I am happy that I found something to do that I love; it not only is fun to do and rewarding when you finish one project, but it also pushes your creativity more; I tend to brainstorm new and possible projects that I want for myself or things that I desire like bags or beanies or a tote bag I can look up the patterns and learn how to make those items myself. Give yourself a push to learn something new! ( you can contact me on the links above). As I said earlier, I plan to sell some things that I have learned, and as of right now, I am doing beanies because they are easier for me to do and because I do not have that much experience but do not be afraid to reach out to me.

Thank you so much for the support! Sign up if you want to see more!

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