✨New year ✨

I know that this random post will be a bit of a long one so I apologize in advance to those who don’t like to read.

These first two weeks of 2022, have been a bit stressful but I hope that it gets better somehow. I wanted to reflect on my past year and write down things I hope for the new year.

"a goal without a plan is only a dream…" - Brian Tracy

What are your goals this year?

Hopefully, be able to pass this year's college classes haha. I would also like to clean up my life’s schedule. I wanna be on track with myself and learn how to grow financially and be responsible.

Unfortunately, I learned that I trust to easily and second guess my own ideas or actions and I hope to learn to be a better judge of character in my close circle, I also want to better my mental health to where I am comfortable in my own skin

What did you learn from last year that you could change this year?

Some you wish to learn this year?

This may be a little silly to say but I want to learn how to dress better because I have no sense of style and most of the things I wear are black or grey or just some dark tone colors. I also want to find a new hobby that doesn’t make me feel like I should be stressing myself over.

As I reflect on some things that I know I have to work on, I do know that there are some things that I liked about last year from meeting new people and making new friends to trying new food and going to new places. This year I would like to slowly wiggle myself out of my comfort zone and grow as a person.✨

~ Comments down below what you hope to work on this new year or about your reflections from the past year ~

😁 If you would like to be gaming partners on my social media ( Instagram) let me know here in the comments 😁

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